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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

No Sweat Fashion Show

The No Sweat Fashion Show will take place on Friday 25th February 25 at 2.30pm, with a second show at 6.30pm. The location is the London College of Fashion, Oxford Circus. Tickets are £2.50 each and the event is a fundraiser for Batay Ouvriye - organising union struggle against the sweatshops in the free trade zone of Haiti.

Tickets are available from:

No Sweat
PO Box 36707
London SW9 8YA

Cheques should be made out to No Sweat (please say what it is for) and will soon be available online.

If you want to help, there's a meeting at 1pm on Tuesday 25th January at London College of Fashion.

If you want to do something similar near you, here are some notes about how to do it.


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