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Monday, January 10, 2005

Campaign for Real Beauty gets respect

I think Dove deserve some respect for their advertising strategy. The Campaign for Real Beauty is, of course, a campaign to sell more beauty products, yet I can't help admiring the way they are actively moving the emphasis of their advertising away from the standard 'model'.

Dove's ads make a big deal about the fact that they feature real people of all ages, shapes and sizes. This is in contrast to the usual 'acceptable' face of advertising, which generally relies on a standardised approach to the concept of beauty. This standard approach, besides being utterly false, is having a destructive effect on the self esteem of many of the more impressionable women that are exposed to it. Dove ought to be commended for taking the first step towards turning things around.

More from the Observer here and from the Times here.

Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty website.


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