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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Common Dreams on Coke

An interesting article from the Common Dreams Newscenter.

Coca Cola are denying their products help to cause obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis, despite credible medical evidence to the contrary. At the same time, they are shamelessly buying their way into schools, colleges and universities in order to advertise more to young people and increase their profits as a result.

The article draws parallels between the behaviour of Coca Cola and the manner in which the tobacco industry has frequently tried to pull the wool over the eyes of consumers.

Fortunately, intelligent people are fighting back. Many major British and American unions (such as UNISON and The American Federation of Teachers) are pledging to work against Coca Cola until they put a stop to their nefarious practices.

"Parents, make the year 2005 the year that all school vending contracts for Coca-Cola as well as Pepsi cease! If you need to serve pop in the house, make it a rare and occasional treat. Water and soy/rice milk and real juice provide a sound and better alternative."

Why not write a letter to Coca Cola explaining exactly what you think of their marketing techniques? The address for Coca Cola Great Britain is:

1 Queen Caroline Street
London W6 9HQ


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