Adventures in Ethical Consumerism

Thursday, September 09, 2004


Today I needed to buy a new pad for writing. I wondered into one of the Edinburgh Uni stationary shops to look for one. I like these shops: a good, comprehensive range of stationary, some reasonably healthy food and a range of Fairtrade products.

I use A5 pads to write on. They had loads of different kinds in different designs at different prices. Naturally, I looked for a recycled one, but there was none. So many pads and not one made from recycled paper. I took a look at the A4 pads. Again, there were lots on offer, and this time there was a recycled option. I didn't take it because I can't fit an A4 pad into my bag, and besides, I've got plenty of A4 pads already.

I was impressed to note, however, that one of the brands was offering a recycled A4 pad at the same price as its conventional A4 pad. This looks very much like progress to me, since the last time I compared paper prices.

The brand in question was Rhino. So I bought an A5 pad made by Rhino. Not recycled, but functional, and the price was good compared to the others.


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