Adventures in Ethical Consumerism

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


I don't do much shopping at Tesco, but one product of theirs I really love is their own-brand Fair Trade plain chocolate. This is gorgeous! They do a milk chocolate option as well, but personally, I'm not a lactose-lover.

I love things with very few ingredients. This chocolate has only:

Fairtrade Cocoa Mass (68%)
Fairtrade Sugar (27%)
Fairtrade Cocoa Butter (4%)
Emulsifier (Lecithins)

That's it!

(Lecithins are a mixture of crude soybean oil and water)

If you are concerned about nuts, this is a good chocolate. Like practically any chocolate on the market, this one contains the standard "may contain traces of nuts" warning. I'm not going to say it's competely nut-free, but the trace in this product is so minute as to be barely noticable.

The bar costs 59p. This is maybe a lot when compared to a Twix or a Kit-kat. For me though, it's a bargain. Sure, I could save a few pennies and go unethical, but the experience just isn't the same - for the taste buds or the conscience!


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