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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bitter Greens Journal

Bitter Greens Journal describes itself as "a running critique of industrial agriculture, a clearinghouse for info on sustainable farming, and a working manifesto for a liberation politics based on food."

It is certainly a very good blog.

Reading Bitter Greens Journal reminds me of exactly what's great about blogging: here is someone who is farming in America and also a professional journalist who previously worked as a financial reporter. This is highly relevant (ie 'grassroots' level) news from somebody who is actually living what he is writing about, as well as having an excellent background for understanding what supply and demand is all about. And he can write!


  • Thanks for the link to this blog. Although it's from the USA, it's content is still very relevant. I come from an agricultural family in north Wales, and my cousin has decided to change his family's dairy farm to organic (for financial rather than ethical reasons I think! - although it's yet to yield the rewards expected yet even 2 after years+). He's part of the Calon Wen co-operative.

    By Blogger Rhys Wynne, at 11:29 AM  

  • To all: Blogroll this guy at Bitter Greens and tell everybody you think might be interested. I've known Tom for 15 years, and he's a hidden national treasure. His talents have been concealed behind Reuters' lame assignments and a brief delusion that he was a fiction writer, but Tom's a born blogger, and Bitter Greens already is better, IMHO, than 99.9% of the blogs out there. I've seen nobody else covering the stuff he does, the way he's doing it. And outside of a generalized sympathy, I have no particular interest in the issue. Tom's just good enough to make me care. Best,

    By Blogger Gritsforbreakfast, at 3:35 PM  

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