Adventures in Ethical Consumerism

Friday, March 11, 2005

News feast

I've just started using Google News as my homepage: the first page I see when I go on the internet.

I've not had my own customized homepage for a while now. I grew tired of My Yahoo ages ago, though they have made some improvements recently, including the ability to recieve RSS feeds which makes it easier to stay up to date with your favourite blogs.

Google News works for me just now, though. You can customise it to show news according to your chosen keywords. So, along with my health, science and business news sections, I also have a supply of stories relating to consumerism. I don't have to seek the stories out myself, Google finds them and adds them to my news page automatically. This is a good example of how the web is helping to revolutionise the way we access information.

The first story to appear in my customised consumerism news section was this story from Corporate Watch. It's a brief account of how ethical consumerism is continuing to grow, as is support for the fabulous Fairtrade movement.


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