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Monday, January 24, 2005

Broken down

My wonderful Apple Mac that is usually so reliable has finally broken down. It took a major crash when I was updating the software and now needs professional care.

I'm using an internet cafe now, where it's 50p for fifteen minutes of surf. It's getting quite expensive already and I've just been catching up on some email.

I don't feel any in-depth blogging coming on in this environment. I'm having to use a Windows PC and Internet Explorer. I like my desk.

Thinking of interent cafes, though, I was just having a look at the Yahoo! Mail Internet Cafe Awards. Check out the Namche Internet Cafe at Everest base camp, and Cafe Coquet in Kyoto, Japan where internet is free and you can have an iBook delivered to your table.

Highly recommended in the Best UK category is the (misspelled) Forrest Cafe, Edinburgh, which also has free internet access. I can recommend the Forest personally, though as a committee member I should probably declare an interest.

The Bongo Cafe is another great place offering free web access in Edinburgh.


  • Since buying my own PC I have'nt been to an inernet cafe for about 5 years, and as far as I know, the 2 cafes I used to use in Cardiff are now closed :-(, probably because most people have web access at home. Having said that I've just returned from New Zealand and Auckland has hundreds of net cafes most charging NZ$2 (80p) an hour!

    By Blogger Rhys Wynne, at 2:01 PM  

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