Adventures in Ethical Consumerism

Monday, November 29, 2004

Fairtrade footballs

The Fairtrade stuff just keeps on coming! I think this is great, because the Fairtrade mark guarantees the consumer (you and me) that high standards of ethical and environmental practice have been adhered to in the manufacture of the product.

Fairtrade certified footballs have just hit the market. From the Observer Magazine: "In Pakistan, an estimated 15,000 child workers hand-stitch footballs - each ball has 32 panels, and each panel needs 690 stitches. Adults working in the industry, many in factories lacking basic safety standards, earn less than 30p per day."

Fair Deal Trading are offering the footballs (which start at only £9.80), and they also have a nifty line in Fairtrade sneakers from No Sweat.


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